Pass, Place and Come Bets

Most of us were taught to play the pass line with odds, and have two come bets up. I was taught this way, and the books I read have reinforced this theory. But, I kept losing on the come! What was going on?

After generously contributing literally thousands of dollars to beautify the streets of Las Vegas with new waterfalls and volcanoes, I began to wonder about the come bet. Was it really a good bet? If it wasn’t, how could I supplement my pass line bet?

I really liked betting the come line, because it represented the hot numbers. Sometimes the 4’s and 10’s would be hot, or, the 5’s and 9’s. By betting the come I thought I would stay on top of what was hot! Plus, I always took double odds, both on the pass line, and the come line. After all, it was what everyone told me to do.

But, the come bet had some disadvantages. The biggest one can be demonstrated by the following. Let’s say I have a come bet on the six and eight, nine was the point, and the point was made. I would then have a six and eight WORKING on the comeout, with odds. Should I put up a pass line bet? Should I pray that the seven doesn’t hit? If the seven did hit, I found the casino was generous enough to return my odds portion, but not the flat portion. What was I doing wrong? Something else I noticed was that the payoffs for the come bets were not much higher, and in many cases lower, than equal place bets. For example, a $10 come bet on the six with $25 odds returned $30 for the odds plus $10 on the flat portion. So I won $40 with $35 in play. However, if I bet $36 on the six as a place bet, I would win back $42. But, I still firmly believed in come bets. They showed which numbers were hot. Then I got an idea. Why not forget about come bets and make identical place bets instead? This way I wouldn’t lose on the come out seven.

If the first roll is say, a four (the point, ugh), and the next two rolls are 5 and 6, I would normally have come bets of $10 with odds on the 5 and 6. $20 odds on the five and $25 on the six. But I did not make any come bets, I placed the five for $30 and the six for $36. Betting the come bets and winning, I would have won $38 on the five and $40 on the six, a total of $78. But by betting on the exact same place numbers, I would win $35 on the five and $42 on the six, for a total of $77!! And, I wouldn’t have to worry about the come out seven (if the point was made), or, the 2,3, or 12 (while in the come box)! In the come box, as you know, you lose on the 2,3, and 12 and win on the 11. I know, you also win on the 7, but do you really want to? With one or two other bets up, you’ll lose big, even when you “win”.

Since I stopped betting come and started betting identical place bets, my anxiety about come-out 7’s has disappeared, and, coincidently, my losing has stopped. Granted I don’t win as big when I’m winning, but I don’t have those big losses either. I’d rather win small amounts consistently, that lose larger amounts even once in awhile. Next time you want to place a come bet, try an identical place bet instead!